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Funko Fair 2022 Day 4 Recap

Welcome to the final day of the 2022 Funko Fair! Hopefully this will be the final time Funko runs this event, and we are back at the NYC Toy Fair next year! Just like the rest of the week, all the items shown here will be available later this year.

Black Clover POP!
-Luck with Chase (AAA Anime Exclusive)
-Charlotte with Chase (Chalice Collectibles Exclusive)
-Asta Pocket POP!
-Noelle Pocket POP!

Marvel Mech Strike: Monster Hunters POP!
-Doctor Doom
-Green Goblin
-Black Panther (Target Exclusive)
-Wolverine (Funko Shop Exclusive)
-Spider-Man with Glow Chase (Walmart Exclusive)
-Glow in the Dark Green Goblin (Walmart Exclusive)
-10″ Venom with Wings (Walmart Exclusive)
-Loki Pocket POP!
-Thanos Pocket POP!
-Venom Pocket POP!

POP! VHS Poster
-Lion King (Amazon Exclusive)

Alice in Wonderland POP!
-Cheshire Cat Standing On His Head with Glow/Flocked Chase (Pop in a Box Exclusive)

Game Cover POP!
-Crash Bandicoot (GameStop Exclusive)

Pokémon POP!
-10″ Lapras (Target Exclusive)

Star Wars Art Series POP!
-Endor Darth Vader (Walmart Exclusive)
-Hoth Darth Vader (Walmart Exclusive)
-Mustafar Darth Vader (Walmart Exclusive)
-Bespin Darth Vader (Walmart Exclusive)

Star Wars Duel of the Fates
-Obi-Wan Kenobi Deluxe (Amazon Exclusive)

Funko GOLD
-5″ Jimi Hendrix
-10″ Jimi Hendrix

Fairy Tail POP!
-Ezra Scarlet
-Jellel Fernandes
-Laxus Dreyar
-Mavis Vermillion
-Mirajane Strauss
-Gray Fullbuster (FYE Exclusive)

And that’s a wrap! All of these are due out later this year. All the exclusives above have been linked directly to pre-orders, and all the commons can be pre-ordered at the following online locations:

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