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Funko Announces Their C2E2 “Funko Airways” Exclusives

Funko is heading to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) later this month for the first time! They are bringing a handful of exclusives along for the flight:

One Piece – Shanks Wanted Poster
One Piece – Caesar Clown
Marvel – Tony Stark
Pinocchio – Jiminy Cricket SODA
Toy Story – Gaming Woody & Buzz 2-Pack
The Simpons – Poochie
Kung Fu Panda – Po
Pokémon – 10″ Cresselia
Nartuo – Madara Uchiha
My Hero Academia – Mirio Togata
DC Comics – Green Lantern (Kingdom Come)
Dragonball Z – Yajirobe & Karin
Loony Tunes – Egghead Jr.
First Officer Freddy Funko
First Officer Proto
Fight Attendant Franny Funko

These will be available outside of C2E2 at the following locations (both in stores & online) on April 26.

C2E2 will be April 26-28 at the McCormick Place in Chicago. Head over to c2e2.com for information about attending the event!

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