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Funko Fair 2022 Day 2 Recap

Welcome to Day 2 of Funko Fair! Just like yesterday, Funko has revealed a nice mix of new products that will be available later this year. Here are the full reveals!

Five Night’s At Freddy’s Action Figures
-VR Freddy
-High Score Chica
-Radioactive Foxy
-System Error Bonnie
-Toxic Springtrap
-Livewire Freddy (Walmart Exclusive)
-Shamrock Freddy (Walmart Exclusive)

Five Night’s At Freddy’s Pocket POP!
-VR Freddy
-High Score Chica
-Radioactive Foxy
-System Error Bonnie

Five Night’s At Freddy’s Plush
-VR Freddy
-High Score Chica
-Radioactive Foxy
-System Error Bonnie
-Inverted VR Freddy (Hot Topic Exclusive)
-Inverted High Score Chica (Hot Topic Exclusive)
-Inverted Radioactive Foxy (Hot Topic Exclusive)
-Inverted System Error Bonnie (Hot Topic Exclusive)
-Livewire Freddy (Walmart Exclusive)
-Shamrock Freddy (Walmart Exclusive)
-Candy Freddy (Funko Shop Exclusive)

Five Night’s At Freddy’s Special Delivery Mystery Minis
-Livewire Freddy
-Arctic Ballora
-Heartsick Baby
-Blackheart Bonnie
-Frostbite Balloon Boy
-8-Bit Baby
-Toxic Springtrap
-VR Freddy
-High Score Chica
-Radioactive Foxy
-System Error Bonnie

POP! Movie Poster
-Jurassic Park

Guardians of the Galaxy Deluxe POP!
-Star-Lord (Walmart Exclusive)

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Parks & Rec
-Jerry & Lil’ Sabastian POP! 2-Pack (Target Exclusive)

-Kyle Larson
-Bubba Wallace
-Chase Elliot
-Dale Earnhardt
-Jeff Gordan in Car POP! Ride

Star Wars Visions POP!
-Am (Target Exclusive)
-Karre (Target Exclusive)
-The Ronin POP! & Tee Box Set (Target Exclusive)

Stranger Things POP!
-Will Deluxe (Amazon Exclusive)

POP! Rocks
-Frank Zappa
-Iron Maiden – Powerslave POP! Album

Funko Soda
-Armored Samurai Jack with Masked Chase
-Gomez Adams with Sepia Chase
-Cyborg with Glow Chase
-Ricochet Rabbit with Yellow Chase
-Doctor Strange with Astral Chase
-Goofy with Round Hat Chase
-Robocop with Unmasked Chase
-Klaus with No Sunglasses Chase
-Armored Dracula with Masked Chased

All of these are due out later this year. All the exclusives above have been linked directly to pre-orders, and all the commons can be pre-ordered at the following online locations:

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