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Funko Festival Of Fun Day 1 Reveals!

Today is the first day of Funko’s Festival of Fun! These reveals will all be holiday themed items, and stretch across all of Funko’s product line!

Jingle All The Way:
-Turbo Man POP!
-Howard POP!
-Myron POP!
-Howard as Turbo Man POP!
-Myron as The Dementor POP!
-Flying Turbo Man POP! (Amazon Exclusive)
-12″ Turbo Man Action Figure (Walmart Exclusive)

Disney Holiday:
-Eeyore POP!
-Tigger POP!
-Donald Duck POP!
-Daisy Duck POP!
-Flocked Tigger POP! (Amazon Exclusive)
-Eeyore with Lights POP! (Hot Topic Exclusive)
-Stitch & Angel 2-Pack POP! (Hot Topic Exclusive)

POP! Rocks:
-Diamond Collection Mariah Carey POP! (Amazon Exclusive)

The Office:
-Santa Phyllis (GameStop Exclusive)

-Gizmo POP! Ornament (Walmart Exclusive)
-Pin 4-Pack (Walmart Exclusive)

Holiday Countdown Calendar:
-The Office
-Harry Potter
-Five Nights At Freddy’s

POP! Home Mugs:
-Iron Man & The Hulk (Walmart Exclusive)
-Boba Fett & Prototype Boba Fett (Walmart Exclusive)

These are all scheduled to be released by December, and pre-orders are now available at the following online locations:

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