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Funko Announces A Brand New Wave Of The Office POP! And New Mini Moments!

Funko is continuing to ride The Office train into the end of the year with a brand new wave of POP! & the addition of Mini Moments!

First, this wave of POP! will include Erin’s debut plus some new versions of some of the rest of the Office-mates:

  • Michael on Crutches
  • Pumpkinhead Dwight
  • Pam with Teapot
  • Oscar with Scarecrow
  • Erin with Happy Box
  • Superhero Kevin
  • Young Michael (Funko Shop Exclusive)

Next up are the Mini Moments. These are piggybacking off the release of the Seinfeld Mini Moments, with each set including a mini version of the character (similar to the Pint Sized Heroes) and an area of The Office. Each one of these will have a chase version that will include a different version of the character.

  • Dwight
  • Jim
  • Darryl
  • Pam
  • Michael

The Mini Moments are due out next month while the new wave of POP! is due out in November, and all can be pre-ordered now at the following online locations:

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