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Funko ECCC 2021 Exclusives Reveal Day 1

Today Funko started revealing their ECCC exclusives for the year. Now, ECCC has been delayed until December, but that doesn’t stop Funko timeline, so they are forging ahead with another VirtualCon.

Today’s reveals include:

  • Halloween Billy & Tommy Maximoff POP! 2-Pack (WandaVision)
  • Mantenna POP! (Masters of the Universe)
  • Man-at-Arms Soda (Masters of the Universe)
  • Kobra Khan Soda (Masters of the Universe)
  • Spikor & Kobra Khan POP! Pez 2-Pack (Masters of the Universe)
  • Grimlock POP! (Transformers)
  • Jackie Chun POP! (Dragonball)
  • Nejire Chan POP! (My Hero Academia)
  • Buffed Chopper POP! (One Piece)
  • Thundarr POP! (Thundarr the Barbarian)
  • Princess Ariel POP! (Thundarr the Barbarian)
  • Ookla the Mok POP! (Thundarr the Barbarian)
  • Underdog POP!
  • Wheedle (Wheedle on the Needle)
  • H.R. Pufnstuf Soda

Many ECCC Exclusives will be shared with retailers, just like in years past. Exclusives are expected to be released on March 4th, however that date can change. Keep an eye on our Instagram & Facebook for the latest updates!

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