First Look At Funko’s ECCC 2018 Exclusives

Some of Funko’s ECCC 2018 Exclusives have been leaked. The following images have surfaced on the internet. As you can see, they are heavily watermarked, so any credit for this images go there.

DC Comics – Krypto & Ace the Bathound 2-Pack
Looney Tunes – Opera Bugs Bunny & Opera Elmer Fudd

Moana – Maui with Sharkhead
Toy Story – Green Army Man
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Yondu
Scott Pilgrim – Gideon Gordon & Ramona 2-Pack
Spastik Plastik – Pulps (Blue, Purple, & Green)
Doctor Who – Amy Pond
Game of Throne – Giant Wight

Rock Candy
DC Bombshells – Poison Ivy

Vynl. 2-Pack
Life Aquatic – Steve & Ned
Masters of the Universe – Beast Man & Sorceress

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