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A New Wave Of The Office Funko POP! & Mystery Minis Coming This Fall!

The Office has been a huge success for Funko over the past year or so. With so many versions of these characters, they will keep cranking now new POP!s for quite a while. This new wave that has been announced has 4 new POP! headed to every store, as well has 5 new exclusives!

Not only that, but Funko is releasing their very first wave of Mystery Minis from The Office. Hot Topic & Box Lunch will share an exclusive assortment, and Walmart will have their own exclusive assortment.

  • Michael
  • Dwight with Jell-O Stapler
  • Kelly
  • Jim
  • Pam
  • Stanley
  • Darryl
  • Jim as Goldenface
  • Dwight with Bobble-head
  • Oscar
  • Jim as 3-Hole Punch (Hot Topic & Box Lunch)
  • Dwight as the Hay King (Hot Topic & Box Lunch)
  • Toby (Hot Topic & Box Lunch)
  • Jim as Face Book (Walmart)
  • Dwight with Princess Unicorn (Walmart)
  • Kevin (Walmart)

These are all due out in November, and can be ordered now at the following online locations:

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