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London Toy Fair Reveals: Harry Potter Funko POP!

Funko announced the latest wave of Harry Potter Funko POP! & Pocket POP! at London Toy Fair! This new wave will have:

  • 10″ POP! Dumbledore
  • 10″ POP! Voldemort with Nagini
  • Harry with Invisibility Cloak
  • Hermione with Feather
  • Ron with Bucket of Slugs
  • Malfoy with Whip Spider
  • Neville with Monster Book of Monsters
  • Dumbledore with Baby Harry
  • Pocket POP! Hermione with Potions
  • Pocket POP! Luna Lovegood
  • Pocket POP! Boggart as Snape

Also pictured in the post from Funko are 2 different exclusives of Harry, one at Barnes & Noble and one at Funko Shop. These are due out in April & May, and can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth.

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