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London Toy Fair Reveals: DC Comics Batman Funko POP!

The latest DC Comics POP!s coming from Funko are mainly based on the original Batman movies from the late 80’s-90’s. Some only have concept art, but it’s a good look at what is to come.

  • Batman: The Joker (with Chase)
  • Batman Returns: Catwoman
  • Batman Returns: The Penguin
  • Batman Forever: The Riddler
  • Batman Forever: Two-Face
  • Batman & Robin: Mr. Freeze
  • Batman & Robin: Poison Ivy (Specialty Series Exclusive)

Not only that, but some more of Batman’s foes will have some new POP!s:

  • The Dark Knight: 10″ The Joker
  • Batman The Animated Series: Harley Quinn (Hot Topic Exclusive)
  • Deathstroke

Most of these are due out in May, and can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth.

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