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NYCC 2019 Funko Shared Exclusives Checklist & Online Links!

Welcome to the NYCC Shared Exclusive Guide! These exclusives will available at the respective retailer, starting on Friday 10/4. We have ESTIMATED times based on past shared exclusive releases also listed next to the retailer. Click the links below to go right to the page for each exclusive (many links will not actually work until they are live). This will be a living document, so keep checking for updates when these are available, and make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram & Facebook for up to the minute release updates!

Amazon: (LIVE NOW)
Iron Man
Benson Dummy
Dwight with Bobblehead Dwight
6″ Biohazard Wrecking Ball

Barnes & Noble: (LIVE NOW)
Fireman Donald Duck
Argus Flich & Mrs. Norris
Keith Haring
Green Hornet & Kato 2-Pack

Books-a-Million: (LIVE NOW)
Dr. Frank Poole
Edgar Allan Poe with Book

Box Lunch: (LIVE NOW)
Kevin & House with Balloons

Entertainment Earth: (LIVE NOW)
Feyd Rautha
Deku POP! Pin

Foot Locker: (LIVE NOW)
Jean-Michel Basquiat

Funko Shop: (LIVE NOW)
The Mandalorian
Ms Marvel
Samruai Jack & Aku 2-Pack
Blonde PEZ Girl
Mimic the Monkey
Red NYCC Pigeon
Black NYCC Pigeon
Prof. Pat Pending
Radioactive Suit Marty McFly
Officer Freddy Funko

Debbie Harry
Vampire Mr. Burns
Bluntman & Chronic 2-Pack

GameStop: (LIVE NOW)
Butt Stallion
Hero Killer Stain
Lotus Piccolo
Nick Fury
Cabbage Man & Cart 2-Pack
Dark Phoenix POP! & Tee

Hot Topic: (LIVE NOW)
Tzim Sha
Evil Groundskeeper Willie
Final Flash Vegeta
Shrimp Rick
Shrimp Morty
6″ Madame Maxine

Target: (LIVE NOW)
Lady Liberty Hello Kitty
Glow Dark Voyager
The Wanderer & The Heretic 2-Pack

Toy Tokyo: (LIVE NOW as a bundle)
-Blue & Black Baseball Fury

Walgreens: (LIVE NOW)
Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)

Walmart: (LIVE NOW)
Watcher Stan Lee

Loungefly: (NYCC Only)
-Star War Pin Set
-Star Wars Backpack & Pouch
-Hello Kitty Pin Set
-Hello Kitty Backpack & Pouch
-Harry Potter Pin Set
-Harry Potter Backpack & Pouch
-Avengers Endgame Pin Set
-Avengers Endgame Backpack & Pouch

NYCC Only:
-Pink Chrome Batman (Limited to 1500 pieces)
-Mickey Mouse on Matterhourn (Limited to 1000 pieces)
-Baseball Jersey NYCC Pigeon
-Ron English Freddy Funko Vinyl

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