October 2018 Specialty Store Series Exclusive Funko Mystery Minis Revealed

The October Funko Specialty Series is taking a new direction. This time around, we see an exclusive assortment of Sailor Moon Mystery Minis. This will have 9 of the regular Minis, and include posed exclusives of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, & Sailor Jupiter.

In an effort to recognize our most special accounts and loyal retailers, Funko is continuing our Specialty Series. Every month, we’ll be announcing an exclusive – this month includes Mystery Minis!

Why is it so special? You’ll only be able to find these Specialty Series exclusives in boutique retail, specialty stores, local comic book shops and from qualified online retailers. This is your chance to help support local businesses and smaller retailers, and you’ll pick up an amazing exclusive item in the process!

Sailor Moon Mystery Minis is the latest Specialty Series exclusive!

Remember, this Mystery Minis set is exclusive to the Specialty Series. So pay a visit to your favorite specialty store or your local comic book shop and let them know to order the Specialty Series from Funko.

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