It Chapter Two Funko Mystery Minis

It Chapter Two looks like it will be a big deal for Funko this year, and first up in the announcements is a full wave of Mystery Minis. Unlike the first It, these will be available this month, before Chapter Two even hits theaters. There will also be exclusive assortments for Hot Topic & Walmart. A full case of 12 can be ordered now.

Pennywise (Open Arms)
Pennywise (Balloons)
Pennywise (Long Tongue)
Pennywise (Beaver Hat)
Zombie Georgie
Henry Bowers
Bill Denbrough
Ben Hanscom
Stanley Uris
Mike Hanlon
Eddie Kaspbrak
Richie Tozier
Beverly Marsh
Young Henry Bowers

Hot Topic:
Pennywise with Skateboard (Replaces Long Tongue Pennywise)
Dean without hood (Replaces Dean)
Bill with bloody boat (Replaces Bill)

Pennywise with Blade (Replaces Open Arms Pennywise)
Bloody Beverly (Replaces Dean)
Bloody Ben (Replaces Bill)

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