Current RUMORED NYCC 2017 Funko Shared Exclusive List

Over the past week or so, we have had many rumors for what will be the shared NYCC exclusives. I have compiled a list based off what has been rumored so far.

Barnes & Noble
Saw Gerrera POP! (Star Wars)
Death Star Droid POP! (Star Wars)
Black Chrome Batman POP! (DC Comics)
Gellert Grindelwald POP! (Fantastic Beasts)
Glow-in-the-Dark Balrog 6″ POP! (Lord of the Rings)

Books-a-Million & 2nd and Charles
First Doctor POP! (Doctor Who)
Jaqen H’Ghar POP! (Game of Thrones)

Box Lunch
Robotic Delores POP! (WestWorld)
Buffy & Faith POP! 2-Pack (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Red & Yellow Mickey Mouse Hikari XS (Disney)

Zack Ryder POP! (WWE)
Lyanna Mormont POP! (Game of Thrones)

8-Bit Batman POP! (DC Comics)
8-Bit Shredder POP! (TMNT The Video Game)
8-Bit Dig Dug POP! (Dig Dug)
Eleven with Electrodes POP! (Stranger Things)
Dwight POP! (The Walking Dead)
Old Man Logan POP! (Marvel)

Hot Topic
Krombopolous Michael POP! (Rick & Morty)
Boggert as Snape POP! (Harry Potter)
Dragonzord 6″ POP! (Power Rangers)
Swimming Scrooge McDuck POP! (Duck Tales)
Halloween Goofy POP! (Disney Kingdom Hearts)
Halloween Donald Duck POP! (Disney Kingdom Hearts)
Scary Ickis POP! (AHHH! Real Monsters)
The Grandmaster POP! (Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok)
Flocked Lockjaw POP! (Marvel’s The Inhumans)
Sailor V POP! (Sailor Moon)
Old Man Logan Dorbz (Marvel)
Luna Lovegood in Lion Mask Rock Candy (Harry Potter)

Toy Tokyo
Black & Gold Dragonzord 6″ POP! (Power Rangers)
Vincent POP! (Disney’s Black Hole)
Maximillian POP! (Disney’s Black Hole)
Enik POP! (Land of the Lost)
Sleestak POP! (Land of the Lost)

Toys R Us
Boba Fett in Slave One Delxue POP! (Star Wars)
Superman #1 (DC Comics)
Flocked Beastman (Masters of the Universe)
Destro (GI Joe)
LOLbit (Five Nights at Freddy’s)
King Tut, The Riddler, & Mr. Freeze Dorbz 3-Pack (Batman ’66)
Lion-O, Mumma-Ra, Snarf Dorbz 3-Pack (Thundercats)

Stone AAARRRGGHH!!! POP! (Trollhunters)
Jim in Red Armor POP! (Trollhunters)

Glow in the Dark Green Ranger (Power Rangers)

There are some that I have seen with my own eyes due to having friends in particular stores, and the rest was formed from collaborating with other Funko fans around the country. There are a few stores missing, like Walgreen’s & Amazon.

Here is a list of the Funko items that were listed as “Limited Edition” during the NYCC reveals that do not currently have a home.

-Jyn Erso (Helmet)
-K-2SO (Action Pose)
-Casual Hulk

NYCC takes place this year from Thursday, October 5 through Sunday, October 8, and the Javits Center in Manhattan. Many of Funko’s NYCC Exclusives will be available as a shared exclusive with retailers or on They shared exclusives will be revealed by Funko on October 4th.

NYCC 2017 Reveals:

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