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Welcome to the weekend! Funko had a busy week with the announcement of the new wave of House of the Dragon POP!, a new Previews Exclusive, and the final reveal for this years Funko Friday at Target. But as our followers on Instagram & Facebook know, that is not all of the news! So, let’s find out what happened this week, on Instagram!

First off this week is something we touched on last week, and that is the arrival of the 2024 Valentine’s Day POP! Last week we saw the mini Pocket POP! 4-Packs, but now we get a glimpse of the standard sized Jack Skellington POP!

Scarlet Witch & Spider-Man Valentine’s Day are on the way, and will be exclusive to a particular store, with all fingers pointing to Hot Topic.

Another new exclusive has been found online, this one being a 4-Pack of the 2nd wave of Wakanda Forever POP! in Black Light form! These are usually planned for Target, but there is no confirmation of that for now.

Two more of the Hot Topic Holiday 2023 exclusives have surfaced, Winter Suit Miles Morales and Matt Murdock. These should be available at Hot Topic soon.

The Funko Shop had a new Funko SODA Cooler exclusive, the Power Rangers. Each set includes the 6 SODA figures, with one being guaranteed to be a black light chase, and the cooler case made by Loungefly.

Fundom announced their brand new exclusive Glow in the Dark Mitsui Kanroji from Demon Slayer.

A Hot Topic store in California started to receive a new exclusive series of The Nightmare Before Christmas POP! with a Tarot card theme to them.

On Friday, a 2nd Funko Shop exclusive hit this week as the Disney 100 Facet line continues with Sorcerer Mickey Mouse.

And finally, the Funko App uploaded images of some upcoming, unannounced, exclusives .

That will end things for this week. Be sure to follow us on our Instagram & Facebook pages to be up-to-date on all the Funko news!

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