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Hot Topic Expo 2022 Funko POP! & SODA Exclusives Announced

Hot Topic has announced the first annual Hot Topic Expo. This will be a series of new Funko & Loungefly exclusives.

-Blink 182 “What’s My Age Again” POP! 3-Pack
-Winnie the Pooh & Christopher Robin Deluxe POP!
-Valentine’s Day Jack Skellington POP!
-Black Metallic Robert Smith POP!
-Devil Kuromi POP!
-Stitch in Bathtub Deluxe POP!
-Stitch in Bathtub Pocket POP!
-Yugi Itadori with Sukuna Mouth POP!
-Yugi Itadori Pocket POP!
-Two-Face with Metallic Chase SODA

-Devil Kuromi Mini Backpack
-Devil Kuromi Enamel Pin
-Devil Kuromi Lanyard
-Stitch in Bathtub Enamel Pin

These will be in stores & online on Tuesday, December 13th. We will have direct links available closer to the release, or just keep an eye on the Hot Topic Funko Exclusives page.

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