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Funkoween 2022: Disney Villains POP!

If you are having flashbacks over new Disney Villains POP! being revealed, then you are not alone, as Funko has re-introduced their new Disney Villains POP! series that they originally announced at last years Funkoween:

  • Evil Queen
  • Lady Tremaine
  • Captain Hook
  • Maleficent
  • Cruella De Vil
  • Dr. Facilier
  • Evil Queen on Throne
  • Ursula on Throne
  • 10″ Maleficent Dragon

However, there are now a bunch of new exclusives to go along with this set! Including, you guessed it, more Black Light!

Next up, there will be a new Deluxe series of POP! Villains that will be exclusive to Hot Topic. Hades with Pain & Panic is the first one up, and the rest will be announced at a later date (similar to Amazon’s Marvel & Star Wars sets).

And finally, Funko Shop will have a Villains train series. These all have a listing on the Funko Shop, and you can hit the button to be notified when they become available.

These are due out this Summer, and can be pre-ordered at the following online locations:

Follow along with all the reveals at our Funkoween index!

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