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Funko Festival Of Fun Day 2 Reveals!

Day 2 of Funko’s Festival of Fun has come & gone, but there was plenty of new holiday themed items announced!

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary POP!:
-Harry Potter from The Sorcerer’s Stone
-Hermione Granger from The Sorcerer’s Stone
-Ron Weasley from The Sorcerer’s Stone
-Dumbledore with Hogwart’s POP! Town
-Deluxe Harry Potter with Luggage Cart
-Deluxe Harry Potter with Fireplace (Funko Shop Exclusive)
-Deluxe Hagrid with The Leaky Cauldron Diagon Alley Diorama (Target Exclusive)
-Deluxe Ginny Weasley with Flourish & Blotts Diagon Alley Diorama (Target Exclusive)

Harry Potter Mini-Moments:
-Harry Potter with Seamus Finnigan Chase
-Ron Weasley with Neville Longbottom Chase
-Hermione Granger with Cho Chang Chase
-Draco Malfoy with Tom Riddle Chase
-Professor Snape with Professor Slughorn Chase

Harry Potter Plush:
-Harry Potter
-Hermione Granger

Marvel Gingerbread POP!:
-Captain America
-Scarlet Witch
-Black Panther
-Iron Man
-Captain Marvel
-Thanos (Funko Shop Exclusive)
-Diamond Collection Thor (Hot Topic Exclusive)

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation POP!:
-Clark Griswold with Sled (FYE Exclusive)

-Glow in the Dark The Fiend (Walmart Exclusive)

Peppermint Lane POP!:
-Bjorn Cranmore
-Lane Dauber

The Year Without a Santa Claus Soda:
-Snow Miser with Diamond Collection Chase
-Heat Miser with Diamond Collection Chase

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Soda:
-Rudolph with Flocked Chase
-Bumble with Glitter Chase
-Yukon with Snowy Chase
-Hermey with Book Chase

Hallmark Ornaments: (All are Walmart Exclusive unless otherwise noted)
-The Mandalorian
-Superman Santa Claus
-Pajamas Batman
-Pajamas Batman in Red (Funko Shop Exclusive)
-Dancing Baby Groot
-Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
-Dwight Schrute
-Michael Scott
-Jack Skellington
-Diamond Collection Jack Skellington (Funko Shop Exclusive)
-Rachel Green
-Monica Geller
-Phoebe Buffay
-Steve in Gold Armor

These are all scheduled to be released by December, and pre-orders are now available at the following online locations:

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