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Previews Exclusive 10″ Black Light Galactus Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Funko is continuing its very popular Black Light line with the addition of the 10″ Galactus with Siliver Surfer. This is the same mold as the original 10″ release, which was also a Previews Exclusive. To make this even more special, there will be a chase version that is Orange & Yellow! Over the last few months, Funko has released quite a few Black Light POP! from Marvel & DC, and there is a Funko Shop wave of Alice in Wonderland ones due out any day. From the chatter we see online is that these Black Lights are a must have for collectors, with some of them fetching over 3 digits in the resell market.

Galactus with Silver Surfer will be available in October, and can be ordered at any local comic shop that uses Diamond/Previews as their distributor, or can be pre-ordered now at Entertainment Earth.

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