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Funko Fair: Lilo & Stitch POP! & Mystery Minis

One thing Funko knows is how to catch lightning in a bottle. Stitch is a consistently popular POP!, with multiple already made, including a huge list if exclusives. This new set certainly capitalizes on that trench with a whole bunch of new POP!:

  • 10″ Sitting Stitch
  • Lilo with Pudge
  • Lilo with Scrump
  • Sitting Stitch
  • Stitch with Ukulele
  • Stitch in Rocket
  • Monster Stitch (FYE Exclusive)
  • Stitch with Record Player w/ Open Mouth Chase (Funko Shop Exclusive)
  • Sleeping Stitch (Hot Topic Exclusive)
  • Flocked Sitting Stitch (Target Exclusive)

Also coming out will be a full Lilo & Stitch assortment of Mystery Minis. There will be a total of 12 Minis:

  • Hula Lilo
  • Lilo with Camera
  • Nani
  • David
  • Hula Stitch
  • Sitting Stitch
  • Experiment 626
  • Scrump
  • Jumba Jookiba
  • Gantu
  • Pleakley
  • Pudge

The POP! & Minis are due out June, and can be ordered now at the following online locations:

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