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Funko Fair: Harry Potter Patronus POP!

Funko is back with Day 5 of the Funko Fair! They are starting off with a full series of Harry Potter Patronus POP! There have been POP! of the Patronus that belong to the 3 main characters, but because they were so popular, Funko is making a full wave of them!

  • Dumbledore’s Patronus
  • Lupin’s Patronus
  • McGonagall’s Patronus
  • Snape’s Patronus

Just like the first 3, most of these will be timed exclsuives with, however they will all be available as a common release soon enough. Lupin is the only one that will go straight to the mass market.

Lupin’s Patronus will be available everywhere in May, and can be ordered now at the following online locations:

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