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Funko Announces New POP! Foodies

During last weeks Fun TV event, Funko announced some new POP!, including a wave of POP! that look like food packaging. We do not know if these are worked into the Ad Icons line, or if it is part of a brand new category. (UPDATE: These will be in the Ad Icons category). This wave includes:

  • Coca-Cola Can
  • Coca-Cola Bottle Cap
  • Hostess Donettes
  • Spam
  • Cherry Kool-Aid Packet
  • Tropical Punch Kool-Aid Packet (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Funko seems to think that these will be a big hit, because they are also putting them out in matching Plush.

These are all due out in early 2021, and can be ordered now at the following online locations:


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