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Funko Announces Their Star Wars Celebration Exclusive POP!

Star Wars Celebration is the latest Con that is cancelled this year due to the ongoing health crisis. But Funko is pushing on by releasing their planned exclusives. This year they are introducing the Concept Series with POP!s based on the original character concepts, as well has a new 10″ POP! & Movie Moment.

  • Concept Series: Boba Fett
  • Concept Series: Chewbacca
  • Concept Series: Starkiller (Shared with FYE)
  • Concept Series: Darth Vader (Shared with GameStop)
  • 10″ Stormtrooper (Shared with Target)
  • Movie Moment: A Lesson in the Force (Shared with Amazon)

All of these will be available on on Thursday, August 27th at 2pm Eastern. Some will also be shared with other retailers, as indicated above.

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