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SDCC At Home 2020 Funko Shared Exclusives Checklist & Online Links!

Sadly, due to the ongoing Pandemic, SDCC has been cancelled for this year. However, Funko is in full swing with the exclusives, and all the shared exclusives still hitting their respective retailers. Check out the list of exclusives below with links to the respective retailers! This is a live document, so we will be updating it as this week progresses.

Amazon (LIVE NOW!)
Dark Captain Marvel
Jet Sith Trooper

Best Buy (LIVE NOW!)
Vex’Ahlia on Broom

Box Lunch (LIVE NOW!)
Pixar Remix Kevin
Cat Yzma

Entertainment Earth (LIVE NOW!)
Zim with Minimoose
Ra’s Al Ghul

Iron Bob

GameStop (LIVE NOW!)
Glitter Mr. Freeze
Flocked Vulpix
Robot Hello Kitty
10″ Zombie The Thing
Super Sonic & Super Tails 2-Pack

Hot Topic (LIVE NOW!)
Teleporting Nightcrawler
Super Saiyan God Goku
Katsuki Bakugo

Target (LIVE NOW!)
Cyborg Superman
Stan Lee from Iron Man

Toy Tokyo (LIVE NOW!)
Steve Aoki

Walgreens (LIVE NOW!)
Wade Wilson (Weapon XI)

Walmart (LIVE NOW!)
Marty McFly Checking Watch
Dwight as Recyclops

Funko.com (LIVE NOW!)
Black Lightning
Superhero Toucan
Astronaut Toucan
Flocked Mewtwo
Surfer Michelangelo
Quiddich World Cup Harry Potter
Superhero Jack Box
Wallace Wells
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy with Flute
Ron Burgundy with Baxter
Scented Brian Fantana
Brick Tamland
Trap Jaw Soda Figure
Moss Man Soda Figure
Crunchberry Monster Soda Figure
Tear Away Face Clown Soda Figure

For ECCC, Funko released all their stock that was set aside for the show online, so it is possible that they do that here as well. Dates & times listed are tentative, anything with an asterisk* is a guess based on past Con releases. Have fun & good luck!

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