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Funko Premiers Fun TV To Celebrate SDCC @Home & Reveal New POP! & Soda

Funko used their digital platforms to celebrate SDCC @Home this past weekend, and part of that included a new video they called FunTV. This video features Funko CEO Brian Mariotti & Funmaker Mike Becker with fan videos from fellow Funko Funatics & Celebrities. They also used this video to show off some new upcoming products!

Hasbro Retro Toys Wave 1:
-Stretch Armstrong (with long arm chase)
-Shipwreck (GI Joe)
-Zartan (GI Joe)
-Cavity Sam (Operation)
-Glow Worm
-Mr. Potato Head

Hasbro Retro Toys Wave 2:
-Optimus Prime
-Jailed Uncle Pennybags
-2nd Prize Uncle Pennybags
-Mrs. White (Clue)
-Professor Plum (Clue)
-Mrs. Potato Head

Funko SODA:
-Woody Woodpecker
-Jean LeFoote
-Samurai Jack
-Boo Berry
-The Shredder
-KISS Starchild

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