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Scoob! Funko POP! Exclusives Are Now Available For Pre-Order At Walmart

This summer’s (maybe) new Scooby-Doo movie will have a handful of POP!s, and it looks like only Scooby & Shaggy made the cut.

These appear to be the younger versions, and since this movie will explore the origins of the this iconic duo, that makes sense. No other POP!s have been announced, but since this movie brings in other Hanna-Barbara characters like Blue Falcon, Dynomut, & Dick Dastardly, it’s shocking that notorious Hanna-Barbara fan, and Funko CEO, Brian Mariotti, doesn’t have anything else planned for this movie.

These are due to be released later this month, and can be pre-ordered at the Walmart website at the following links:

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