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Funko Target Con 2020 Is Now Live

Today is Target Con, the day that Target has decided to release a mass of Funko exclusives all in one day. Here is what is now available:

  • The Mandalorian (Flame Gauntlet)
  • Apex Legends: Pathfinder (Pink)
  • Pusheen with Cupcake
  • Tombstone: Doc Holliday (No Hat)
  • 10″ Kool-Aid Man
  • 10″ Pusheen with Pizza
  • 10″ The Thing
  • FunkoVerse Kool-Aid Man
  • Chester Cheetah POP! & Tee Box Set
  • Garfield POP! & Tee Box Set
  • Target-Con POP! Tee

These went live right at publishing, and there is a chance that these sell out fast (especially Mando), so head on over to the Target website to order, or head into your local Target store!

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