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Funko Shop Exclusive Cyber Monday Blind Bundle Is Now Available

Edit: Ignore everything we said, these are exclusive to the bundle, and will not be sold individually! To check out what is in the bundle, check out this image! To check out some an unboxing of these on the Funko YouTube page.

Funko is gearing up for their annual 12 Days of Christmas event, where they list new Funko Shop exclusives for 12 days straight in the middle of December. This year, they are doing it a bit differently, with a pre-order of the entire bundle of exclusives starting today, guaranteeing delivery by Christmas. Unfortunately, you will be purchasing this bundle blindly, and you won’t know what you get until all the 12 Days of Christmas Exclusives are revealed day by day, with a few exceptions. The 12 Days of Christmas is rumored to begin on December 9th.

Funko CEO Brian Mariotti gave us a reveal that the 10″ Frankenberry will definatly be in this bundle. The Funko Fun Club (which you can sign up for free in the Funko App) gave a teaser with a Holiday version of Tinkerbell, which will also be in this bundle. And finally, there was a Rick Clone Hologram eating a bucket of chicken in the Funko Catalog that had the red & green Funko Shop sticker that is usually associated with the Holiday releases. This last one is not confirmed by Funko, but seems very likely.

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Brian has also given emoji hits over the past 2 weeks on Twitter:

If you are willing to take this gamble, or if you are just a Funko Fanatic like us, this bundle is available now at!

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