Funko Mystery Minis

Funko Fantastic Four Mystery Minis Coming This Winter

Not only will there be a huge line-up of Fantastic Four POP!s, Funko has a series of Mystery Minis planned! There will be a regular assortment, which will be available everywhere, plus GameStop & Target exclusive assortments which include 3 exclusive Minis.

-Mr. Fantastic
-Mr. Fantastic (streatched)
-Invisible Women (clear)-
-Human Torch
-The Thing
-Doctor Doom
-Silver Surfer
-Mole Man
-Super Skrull

-The Thing (trench coat)
-Sue Storm
-Johnny Storm

-Doctor Doom (arms folded)
-Invisible Woman (transitional)
-Silver Surfer (powered up)

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These are due out in early 2020, and a full case of 12 Minis can be ordered at our sponsor, Entertainment Earth.

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