Spider-Man Far From Home Funko Mystery Minis Are Swinging Into Stores Now!

The Spider-Man Far From Home Mystery Minis has started hitting the shelves. This minis assortment will have:
Hero Suit Spider-Man
Stelth Suit Spider-Man
Upgraded Suit Spider-Man
Moltan Man
Peter Parker
MJ with Mace
Nick Fury
Hydro Man
Unmasked Stealth Suit Spider-Man

The Gamestop assortment will have:
Myserio with Holograms
Goggles Up Stealth Suit Spider-Man
Glow in the Dark Moltan Man

The Walmart assortment will have:
Unmasked Mysterio
Hero Suit Spider-Man (different pose)
Glow in the Dark Hydro Man

These have been spotted already, and a full case can be ordered here.

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