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Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi Funko POP! Wave Revealed

A brand new wave of Star Wars POP! is on the way! This wave is based on characters from Return of the Jedi, and will have Han Solo (Endor), Princess Leia (Ewok Village), Darth Vader (Electrocuted), Emperor Palpatine, Wicket, & General Lando Calrissian. If you follow us on Instagram @popmaticbub, you would have seen that this entire wave, minus Vader, has started to hit Box Lunch stores. They are due to hit everywhere next month, and can be ordered by clicking the glam shots below!

Target will be adding on to this wave with a bunch of exclusives. They will have a 10″ Wicket, a Glow in the Dark Darth Vader, and a Flocked Baby Nippet.

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