12 Days Of Funko Day 11: Pillsbury Doughboy POP!

Day 11 is a good one! Today’s 12 Days of Funko exclusive is a POP! of the Pillsbury Doughboy! This Ad Icon is been highly anticipated, so if you want to get your hands on it, head over to right now!

Here is the final teaser for the 12 Days of Funko. There is some mystery surrounded around what this will be. It certainly points to a snowman, so some are expecting a Frosty or Olaf. But, Frosty has a button nose (not a carrot that is teased), and we think Funko knows that Olaf will be a huge let down for the final day. So, our pure speculation is that it will be the snowman Knick Knack from the early Pixar shorts. We shall see if we are correct tomorrow!

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