Ralph Breaks The Internet Funko POP!, Mystery Minis, & Vynl. Are Now Available!

Ralph Breaks The Internet will also be breaking your wallet! There is a full assortment of Funko items coming out.

First up, there will be a Vynl. 2-pack with Ralph & Vanellope.

Next is the series of POP!s. The Wreck-It Ralph POP!s have their own numbering, away from the Disney line. There will be Ralph, Vanellope, Shank, Yesss (with Glitter Chase), Knowsmore, Fix-It Felix, Taffyta, & Fun Bun. All of these are available for order at our sponsor,

There will be a few exclusives. Hot Topic will have Ralph holding a pie, Vanellope holding a sword will be at Walmart, & a ‘fabulous’ Yesss will be at Amazon.

And finally, there will be an assortment of Mystery Minis. The 12 Minis will be:
-Vanellope with Mouse
-Ralph with Medal
-Fix-It Felix
-Double Dan
-Fun Bun
-Surge Protector

These will all be a ratio of 1:12, so if you order a full case, you will get all of the Minis.

If you follow us on Instagram, you would have seen the image going around with the Mystery Mini ratios late last week.

All of the Ralph Brake the Internet items is starting to hit stores now!

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