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Overwatch Wave 4 Funko POP! Announced!

Funko continues its massive ride with Overwatch, and announces the 4th wave of POP!s! This wave will include Genji, Hanzo, Ana, Torbjörn, Doomfist, & a 6″ Orisa. These are all available for pre-order at our sponsor EntertainmentEarth.com.

Of course, there will be some exclusives to feature some of the various skins for each character. There will be a Carbon Fiber Genji at Target, Molten Core Torbjörn at Best Buy, Shrike Ana at Amazon, and a 6″ version of the OR-15 Orisa at GameStop.

But wait, that is not it! Funko is moving Overwatch into the Pocket POP! world as well, bringing back some popular characters. D.Va, Lucio, Mercy, Pharah, Soldier:76, Sombra, & Winston will all appear in keychain form.

All these new Overwatch items are due in October!

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