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Funko Discontinues All Subscriptions Box Programs (Marvel, DC, Star Wars, & Disney)

Funko has announced that they will be discontinuing all of their bi-monthly Subscription Boxes. Each box will continue until the current 6-box yearly run is done. They did reveal that the boxes will be moving to a retailer exclusives. Each box has a different end date.

Marvel Collector Corps: The last box will be in May, and it will be themed Avengers: Infinity War, this will be part of your annual membership if it is still active. If your annual membership has ended which it most likely has, since the Animal Instincts box is box #18, you will have to order it on its own if you want it.

DC Legion of Collectors: Green Lantern is the last box. You have until March 1st to order. If you have an annual membership, this will be part of it.

Disney Treasures: The last box will be in April, however you can only order it if you have ordered in the past. Annual subscribers will get this box.

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty: The last box will be in September. If you have an annual membership, it will continue until your one year is up, then you can order on a box-by-box basis.

For all boxes, auto-new has been shut off for both the bi-month to bi-month ordering & annual subscriptions.

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