London Toy Fair Reveals: Rick & Morty Funko Mystery Minis

Funko is on hand at the London Toy Fair, and they will have a series of reveals today!

More Rick & Morty items have been revealed, as a 2nd wave of Mystery Minis have been announced. There will be a mass market assortment, which you can pre-order at our sponsor, and exclusives at GameStop, Hot Topic, & Target.

The Mass Market assortment will include:
Rick (Prison Escape)
Morty with Armothy
Summer (Death Stalker)
Dr. Xenon Bloom
Scarry Terry
Pickle Rick
Beast Squanchy
Krombopulos Michael
Prince Nebulon

Dr. Xenon Bloom, Hemorrhage, & Prince Nebulon will be replaced in the store exclusive assortments.

GameStop will be getting Vance Maximus, Supernova, and Million Ants.

Hot Topic will have Cornvelious Daniel, Crocubot, and Alan Rails.

And Target’s exclusive set will have Toxic Rick, Toxic Morty, and The Jaguar.

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