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Funko Is About To Get Blocky With Minecraft POP!

Minecraft POP!s are coming! These will join the POP! Games line, even though they are 8-bit looking, and will include Steve, Alex, Ocelot, Skeleton, & Creeper. Ocelot will also have a chase of Tuxedo Cat, which will have a different number. These will be out in February, and can be pre-ordered over at our main sponsor EntertainmentEarth.com.

Will there be exclusives? You bet your Diamond Axe there will be exclusives. FYE will get a glow in the dark Creeper. Walmart will have Steve in Gold Armor & Alex in Enchanted Armor. Best Buy will get Alex in Diamond Armor. Toys R Us will have Steve in Enchanted Armor. Target will have the one I like the best, a Flaming Skeleton. Finall, GameStop will have a Charged Creeper.

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