GameStop Pre-Order List Leaks Out New Funko POP! Lines

From time to time, GameStop updates their pre-order list with stuff that has yet to be announced. Well, today is one of those days. Added to the list recently was the following.

Riverdale (Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl)
Mass Effect Andromeda (Remnant, Scott Ryder)
The Walking Dead (Clean Shaven Negan, Eugene, Ezekiel, Sasha, Richard)
Black Panter (6 unnamed POP!s)
Buffy 25th Anniversary (Buffy, Faith, Giles, Dark Willow, Xander)
American Gods (Mad Sweeny, Wednesday, Shadow Moon, Laura Moon)
Labyrinth (Think Geek Exclusive Glitter Jareth)
Marvel Netflix (Kilgrave)
POP! Rocks (Elton John, Jerry Garcia)
One Piece (Zoro, Franky, Nami, Boa)
Star Wars The Last Jedi (Vice Admiral Holdo)

All of these are able to be pre-ordered AT GameStop stores (not yet online).

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