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Funko’s NYCC 2017 Exclusives Reveal: Disney

The next wave of Funko’s NYCC Exclusives reveal takes us to Disney! Some of the recent Disney Parks exclusives are back, & flocked. Black Hole has a few exclusives, and the crown jewel comes from Duck Tales (WooWho!).

Kingdom Hearts – Halloween Donald Duck

Kingdom Hearts – Halloween Goofy

Disney Parks – Flocked Abdominal Snowman (Limited to 1,000 pieces)

Disney Parks – Flocked Orange Bird (Limited to 1,000 pieces)

Duck Tales – Swimsuit Scrooge McDuck

Black Hole – Vincent (Toy Tokyo)

Black Hole – Maximillian (Toy Tokyo)

Dorbz Ridez – Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (Limited to 750 pieces)

Hikari XS – Red & Yellow Micky Mouses (Limited to 3,500 pieces)

NYCC takes place this year from Thursday, October 5 through Sunday, October 8, and the Javits Center in Manhattan. Many of Funko’s NYCC Exclusives will be available as a shared exclusive with retailers or on They shared exclusives will be revealed by Funko on October 4th.

NYCC 2017 Reveals:

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