Funko NYCC 2020 Exclusive Reveals Day 5: Shared Exclusives Reveal

Today was the final day of the NYCC Reveals, and Funko announced what we all wanted to know…where each exclusive will end up!

-Jiminy Cricket
-Robin Sparkles
-The Child with Pendant
-6″ Fezzik

Barnes & Noble:
-Glow in the Dark Wonder Woman
-Zombie Magento

-Quidditch World Cup Ron

Box Lunch:
-Zombie Daredevil
-Flocked Growlithe
-Carl & Ellie Movie Moment

Entertainment Earth:

-Baker Stitch

-Glow in the Dark Beetlejuice
-Werewolf Bart
-Kaguya Otsutsuki
-Miles Morales (Street Art Collection)
-Flocked Ein POP! & Tee
-10″ Beast Man

Hot Topic:
-Comic Book Guy
-Mister Compress
-Red Goblin

-Danny Phantom
-Flocked Pikachu
-Beach Head

Toy Tokyo:
-King Hiss
-Spikor SODA
-Envy Adams SODA

-Recyclopes V3

Funko Shop:
-Snake Plissken
-Bloody Ben Hargreeves
-Paulie Pigeon (Blue)
-Pizza Rat (Blue)
-The Joker (Breast Cancer Awareness)
-Captian Crook
-Dum-Dum Drum Man
-Jedi Training Luke & Leia (2-Pack Bundle)
-Pixie & Dixie (2-Pack Bundle)
-Molly Weasley & The Burrow POP! Town
-She-Ra SODA
-Freddy Funko SODA

Canada & Chile will also have access to some of these exclusives, check out the images below to see where to find all of them!

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