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ECCC 2020 Funko Shared Exclusives Checklist & Online Links!

Welcome to the ECCC Shared Exclusives Guide! These exclusives will available at the respective retailer either Thursday 3/12 or Friday 3/13. We have ESTIMATED times based on past shared exclusive releases also listed next to the retailer. Click the links below to go right to the page for each exclusive (many links will not actually work until they are live). This will be a living document, so keep checking for updates when these are available, and make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram & Facebook for up to the minute release updates!

Amazon: (LIVE NOW)
Vegeta Eating Noodles
Flocked Bulbasaur
Flora, Fauna and Merryweather 3-Pack

Barnes & Noble: (LIVE NOW)
Game of Thrones Dragons 3-Pack
Fleur Delacour

Books-a-Million: (LIVE NOW)
Game of Thrones Dragons 3-Pack
Fleur Delacour

Box Lunch: (LIVE NOW)

Entertainment Earth: (LIVE NOW)
Tanker Bug

Funko Shop: (LIVE NOW)
-Great Gazoo
-Speed Racer with Trophey
-Green Good Luck Troll
-Flocked Harry the Husky
-Fireman PEZ Boy
-Freddy Funko with Funko HQ POP! Town
-Green Batman with Pink Chase Soda Figure
-Scott Pilgrim with Green Shirt Chase Soda Figure
-Ramona Flowers with Teal Hair Chase Soda Figure
-Green Huckleberry Hound with Purple Chase Soda Figure

Green Chrome Piccolo

GameStop: (LIVE NOW)
Slime Pit He-Man
Thanos with Removable Arm
Gelatinous Cube

Hot Topic: (LIVE NOW)
Glow in the Dark Perfect Cell
Nymphandora Tonks
Mushu Riding Panda POP! Ride

Target: (LIVE NOW!)
Green Jersey Shawn Kemp
White Doctor Doom
Futura Boba Fett

Walgreens: (LIVE NOW)
Gambit with Staff

Walmart: (LIVE NOW)
Dwight as Recyclops
Flocked Charmander

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