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London Toy Fair Reveals: Funko SODA Vinyl Figures

Funko has revealed a brand new line of vinyl figures, Funko SODA. These new figures stand at about 4 1/2 inches, come packaged inside a Soda Can, and includes a collectible disc. The initial line of figures are all limited to a certain number, and all include a 1 on 6 chance for a chase figures.

  • Batfink with Black & White Chase (Limited to 5,000 pieces)
  • Bob’s Big Boy with Blue Chase (Limited to 7,500)
  • Crusader Rabbit with Black Armor Chase (Limited to 5,000 pieces)
  • Batman with Gold Chase (Limited to 10,000 pieces)
  • Robin with Gold Chase (Limited to 7,500 pieces)
  • Wonder Woman with Silver Chase (Limited to 10,000 pieces)
  • Count Chocula with Blue Chase (Limited to 7,500 pieces)
  • Frankenberry with Brown Chase (Limited to 7,500 pieces)
  • Green Hornet with Grey Chase (Limited to 6,000 pieces)
  • Kato with Grey Chase (Limited to 6,000 pieces)
  • Barney Rubble with Purple Chase (Limited to 7,500 pieces)
  • Fred Flintstone with Blue Chase (Limited to 7,500 pieces)
  • Grape Ape with Metallic Chase (Limited to 6,000 pieces)
  • Huckleberry Hound with Red Chase (Limited to 6,000 pieces)
  • Jabber Jaw with Dark Blue Chase (Limited to 6,000 pieces)
  • Peter Potamus with Pineapple Shirt Chase (Limited to 6,000 pieces)
  • He-Man with Green Chase (Limited to 10,000 pieces)
  • Skeletor with Full Chest Plate Chase (Limited to 10,000 pieces)
  • Lion-O with Glow in the Dark Chase (Limited to 7,500 pieces)
  • Mumm-Ra with Black Chase (Limited to 7,500 pieces)

These are due out in Spring, and should retail for $12-15.

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