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London Toy Fair Reveals: Funko POP! Rocks

The biggest category that Funko has revealed at London Toy Fair was a plethora of new POP! Rocks! Here is the list of new world famous musicians that will be immortalized in Funko Vinyl this year!

Aerosmith (May)
-Joe Perry
-Steven Tyler

Eazy-E (May)

Ghost (May)
-Papa Nihil (Hot Topic Exclusive)

James Brown (May)

Lil Wayne (July)

Motörhead (April)

Salt-N-Pepa (June)

Shania Twain (May)

Slayer (April)
-Jeff Hanneman
-Kerry King
-Tom Araya

Slipknot (August)
-Corey Taylor
-Craig Jones
-Sid Wilson

Weezer (May)
-Rivers Cuomo

Willie Nelson (August)

ZZ Top (April)
-Billy Gibbons
-Dusty Hill
-Frank Beard

All of these, except for Papa Nihil, are now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

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