Loungefly Marvel Collection

Loungefly is a licensed accessory company owned by Funko and they have some really well made, equally nerdy gear that I have wanted to report about for some time. After some consideration we decided to add Loungefly updates to the site for our readers who love all things Funko, including their subsidiaries! Not to mention that nerdy accessories are basically my thing.

Today I am going to share with you the Marvel collection they have on the Loungefly website. If you are looking for bags, wallets and accessories that show your nerdy side, this collection is meant for you.

If you look often you can find some good deals, right now their Groot bag is only $20, which is a little more in line with my budget. The Storm Cross-body bag is amazing at $72 dollars, and is a really decent size for the money. What are your thoughts on the Loungefly products?


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