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London Toy Fair 2019 Reveals Wrap-Up

With so many news articles & reveals coming from yesterdays London Toy Fair, we have decided to put an easy to use guide for all the news! Below you will see a list of all the new items revealed, and if you click on through, you will see all the images.

Batman 80th Anniversary POP!

DC Primal Age Series 2

The Incredibles 5 Star

The Little Mermaid POP!

The Little Mermaid 5 Star & Mystery Minis

Toy Story Vynl.

Hercules & Dumbo SuperCute Plushies

Gears of War Wave 3 POP!

Persona 5 POP!

Warhammer 40K POP!

Overwatch Wave 5 POP!

Lord of the Rings Fellbeast POP! Rides

Harry Potter Vnyl. & SuperCute Plushies

Harry Potter 5 Star Wave 2

Game of Thrones Deluxe POP!

Game of Thrones 5 Star

Dragonball Z Wave 6 POP!

Aggretsuko POP!

Bewitched POP!

SpongeBob SquarePants POP!

Scooby-Doo Wave 2 POP!

Office Space POP!

Morrissey POP! Rocks

JJ Abrams POP!

UFC Wave 2 POP!

European Football

Most of what was shown off was opened up for pre-orders, and EntertainmentEarth put together this landing page to show only the new items revealed at LTF.

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