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Funko Reveals The Captain Marvel POP! Line-Up!

The Captain Marvel Funko POP! line has been revealed! As with most Marvel movies, Funko is going all in, and there are 8 (9 including the chase) mass released POP!s being released.

-Captain Marvel (with masked chase)
-Goose the Cat
-Nick Fury
-Star Commander
-Maria Rambeau
-Carol Danvers on Motorcycle

These are all available for pre-order at our sponsor, Entertainment Earth.

There will be plenty of new Exclusives along with these line-up.

-Flocked Goose the Cat (Box Lunch)
-Glow in the Dark Captain Marvel (Wal-Mart)
-Flying Captain Marvel (Target)
-Masked Vers (GameStop)
-Captain Marvel with Jacket (Hot Topic)
-Carol Danvers (FYE)

These are all due in January!

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