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The Next Wave Of Harry Potter Funko POP! Announced

The next wave of Harry Potter POP!s have been announced, and it is a big one! There are a whopping 14 new POP!s, with a variant of one of them making 15 total in this wave.

First, the mass market releases will have Ron with a Howler, Sirius Black as a Dog, Bloody Baron, Dobby Snapping his Fingers, Hedwig, Hermione has a Cat, 6″ Hagrid with Cake, Injured Harry in his PJs, and a Movie Moment of Ron riding the Wizard Chess Piece. These are due THIS MONTH, and can be ordered by clicking the images below!

There are a nice handful of exclusives that will be attached to this wave:
Seamus Finnigan (Books-a-Million)
Professor McGonagall as a Cat (Books-a-Million)
Sorting Hat Ron (Barnes & Noble)
Hedwig Flocked (GameStop)
Hermione with Cauldron (Hot Topic)
Harry Potter on Platform 9 3/4 Movie Moments (Box Lunch)


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