Here Come The Deadpool Exclusive Funko POP!

Just like 2 years ago when the first Deadpool movie hit big, Funko is all in on the 2nd movie, and will have a plethora of different Deadpool POP!s.

Target – Mermaid Deadpool (Regular & Metallic. The Metallic is NOT a chase!)
Barnes & Noble – Chicken Deadpool
Box Lunch – Cheerleader Deadpool
FYE – King Deadpool
Hot Topic – Pandapool (with Flocked Chase)
GameStop – Samurai Deadpool
7-Eleven – Grey Deadpool with Chimichanga (this seems like the same POP! as the POP! Rides)

These are all due ‘this summer’ according to Funko.

And don’t forget, the entire mass market line of Deadpool POP!s are available for pre-order at our sponsor,

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