London Toy Fair Reveals: Cuphead Funko Mystery Minis

Funko is on hand at the London Toy Fair, and they will have a series of reveals today!

The next reveal is the Cuphead Mystery Minis. These will have a full mass market assortment, and Hot Topic & GameStop will both have an exclusive assortment.

The mass retail assortment will include:
King Dice
Cala Maria
Hilda Berg
Djimmi The Great
Cagney Camation
Baroness Von Bon Bon
Captain Brineybeard
Rumor Honeybottoms
Ribby and Croaks
The Devil (Goat Form)

Ribby and Croaks, Cagney Camation, & Baroness Von Bon Bon will be replaced in the exclusive assortments. Hot Topic will have in their place:
Werner Werman
Grim Matchstick
Pilot Mugman

And at GameStop, the exclusive assortment will include:
Beppi the Clown
Pilot Cuphead

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