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Wonder Woman Movie Retailer Exclusive Funko POP!, Dorbz, & Rock Candy Revealed!

Prepare for Wonder Woman overload! Aside from the standard Wonder Woman POP!, there will be 5 more exclusives POP!s on the way! There are four listed below (plus a 2-pack with the standard Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor), plus the fifth one, which is exclusive to the Legion of Collectors. Click Here if you want to see the LoC SPOILERS!

Wonder Woman with Shield – Wal-Mart (May)

Amazonian Wonder Woman – Hot Topic (Now Available)

Blue Dress Wonder Woman – GameStop (Now Available)

Diana Prince – Entertainment Earth (June)

Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor 2-Pack – FYE (Available Now)

Wonder Woman Dorbz – Wal-Mart (May)

Wonder Woman Rock Candy – Hot Topic (Available Now)

Just wait, because there will be even more Wonder Woman when the Justice League POP!s come out at the end of the year!

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